Hello My Friend, Alee Peoples

Hello My Friend 
Alee Peoples 

March 24 - June 2, 2023 

Exhibition Opening 
7-10pm, Friday, March 24, 2023 

Book Launch & Closing Party
7-10pm Friday, June 2, 2023 

General Projects 
3609 Pomona St Backhouse 
Los Angeles, CA 90031

Open Hours: Thursdays 7-9pm



Hello My Friend 
Alee Peoples 
General Projects 
March 24 - June 2, 2023 

Alee Peoples is an innovative multimedia artist whose work explores the intersections of text, pattern, and visual communication. Her work is like a Rubik's Cube, deceptively simple and fascinating. Shooting Super8 and 16mm in her film work and using repurposed fabric and materials in her textile work, Peoples transforms everyday objects into unique, abstract narratives that explore the absurdities and banalities of our contemporary imagination. Elements of a cosmic aesthetic run throughout her work, bringing her handcrafted look to life. Her work engages in a fierce form of play, grappling with meaning instead of trying to grasp it.

Peoples’ exhibition, Hello My Friend, at General Projects debuts a new print edition from Insert Press, Caroline’s Jeans, by Alee Peoples in an edition of 25 plus 4 A.P.’s. Highlighting an interplay of patterns, Caroline’s Jeans, 2023, is a silkscreen monoprint onto an Archival InkJet print on 21mil Epson Cold Press Bright paper, 22” x 17”.  

Insert Press is excited also to announce the publication of Hello My Friend, an exhibition catalogue of Alee Peoples' show at General Projects from March 24 to June 2, 2023 including an essay by Ekrem Serdar and full documentation of the show.

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Installation Images 



Individual Images 


List of Works
Counter-Clockwise from entrance and in the order seen above

Caroline's Jeans, 2023.
Silkscreen Monoprint on Archival InkJet print
22" x 17"
Edition of 25

Big Time, 2020.
Archival InkJet print
41-1/2" x 56"

Domino Face, 2022.
Wool, satin, nylon, acrylic, thread
70" x 62"

I Find It Hard To Believe, 2023.
Acrylic and hand embroidery on canvas
32" x 42"

Hello My Friend, 2016.
Metal sign letters and acrylic on masonite
16" x 14"

Vast Time/See You Later, 2023.
Wool, satin, hand embroidery
70" x 60"

still from Standing Forward Full, 2020.
16mm on video, 5:38

still from Non-Stop Beautiful Ladies, 2015.
16mm on video, 9:00

additional still from Non-Stop Beautiful Ladies, 2015.
16mm on video, 9:00 

(not pictured individually - seen in installation images) 

Identity Strip, 2003 ongoing
plastic cards and adhesive
2-1/8" x variable dimensions