Hoisting Serotonin Up by the Bootstraps

Hoisting Serotonin Up by the Bootstraps 
L Star Murals

Outside Gallery
3611 Pomona St.
Los Angeles, CA 90031

Mural Unveiling Saturday August 7 from 6-8pm

Recently, at Outside Gallery Lauren McElroy of L Star Murals proposed painting a mural on a particular wall that was suddenly so visible from the street after our landlord completely cut down a tree in our yard. The tree was a Guamuchil tree or Pithecellobium dulce a flowering plant that belongs to the Fabaceae family and which produced lovely deep red and pink seed pods that contain a sweet fibrous pulp that can be eaten raw, roasted or prepared in a sweet drink similar to lemonade. Those seed pods were a favorite in the neighborhood and the tree provided quite a lot of shade and kept our backhouse apartment relatively cool on most days. 

While Outside Gallery as an exhibition platform may disappear with the tree that truly created a kind of interior outdoor space, L Star Murals new piece, Hoisting Serotonin Up by the Bootstraps may help remind us that time and space are dynamic and a playful, fresh color palette can shake you out of what was and put you back into your own body as it currently exists in what is.