Lounge Acts by Doug Nufer

Lounge Acts
by Doug Nufer

Paperback, 66 pages
Cover design by Gregory Coats
Dimensions: 5.5" x 8.5" x 0.25"
ISBN: 978-0-9814623-8-7


"Those are all names of drinks by the way. I didn't have to make anything up here!"
—Doug Nufer

Insert Blanc Press is pleased to announce the release of Lounge Acts by Doug Nufer, alongside The Lounge Acts lounge act, a 38 minute downloadable mp3 audiobook edition with Bill Horist on guitar, Wally Shoup on saxophone, and Doug Nufer on vocals, recorded by Robb Kunz at Barça Lounge, Seattle, June 27, 2013.


“Nufer tells the truth, even though he knows as well as the lord above knows: the truth is over-rated. Nufer is a poet who has you in the corner, eye to eye, giving you the skinny, or maybe he’s with you at the counter, sharing secrets, his hand grabbing yr arm the more he realizes yr ok. That’s how damn good a writer he is.”           
—Thurston Moore

“Lounge is by its nature a mixologist’s soundtrack, or, as Doug Nufer—no stranger to the fillies he—might crack, a track sound for the Gin Ricky playing back bar. And here, Nufer swings..”  
—Vanessa Place

“I can’t define that book. Sometimes I think it’s a book of poetry, sometimes I think it’s a reference book, sometimes I think it’s a conceptual art piece. It flows in and out of different contexts. I believe it will be received by the poetry world, by the writing world that I’m involved with. It got really juiced in the music world. We got major juice.”     
—Kenneth Goldsmith


Doug Nufer learned how to drink as a dishwasher for a seafood restaurant in Pt. Pleasant Beach, NJ, where he dumped the remains of incoming unfinished drinks into one cup and then chugged as he wiped off plates. Now he's a professional wine taster in Seattle and the author of six novels and three books of poetry. His novels include Never AgainNegativeland, and By Kelman Out of Pessoa. His poetry books include The Dammed and We Were Werewolves. He performs with the word band Interrupture, with musicians and/ or dancers, and by himself, on stages, in bars, in classrooms, and occasionally in fields and rivers.