Fright Catalog (the movie)

Fright Catalog

(the movie)

Joseph Mosconi

produced by Insert Blanc Press


Happy Halloween!




World premiere in Los Angeles at Commonwealth & Council on Saturday, November 22, 2014.

Actors (in order of appearance)
Michael Anthony Ibarra
Jay Erker
Ouida Angelica Biddle
Joseph Mosconi
Kim Calder

Produced by Insert Blanc Press

Directed by Mathew Timmons

Script: Fright Catalog by Joseph Mosconi

Camera: Ben Rodkin and Kimo Proudfoot

Editor: Diego J. Garza

Set Design: Janne Larsen in collaboration with Mathew Timmons

Make-Up: Gisella Pons

Production Assistant: Chris Niemi

Technical Assistant: Geoff Gosset