Insert Blanc Press MashUp Monster Contest


In honor of the new Insert Blanc Press being a MashUp of both Insert Press and Blanc Press, we're having the second Insert Blanc Press MashUp Monster Contest. Of course, the first Insert Blanc Press MashUp Monster Contest which happened a couple years ago on the facebox had no entrants hence no winners but also no losers. The rules are to make me an awesome mashup of a song from 1974 and a song from 1984 - focus a little on the number 4 or the word for - if you want you can turn it all into noise but the word or number for/four - or forget the whole for four fore thing - just one song from 74 and one from 84 - I'm kinda into the number 4 right now - or whatever - have a little fun with it - and if you mashup the MashUp I like best - you will get lots of books - deadline is the end of July 2012.

As per usual, the rules are to break the rules a little bit. 

Looking forward to your mashups!

Send them along to InsertPress at gmail dot com