The Debut of Rabble and Parrot 12 by Janice Lee


Rabble: Tyler Stallings

Banal Access to Transcendence, or Developing Telekinesis via Mattel’s EEG-based Game, Mindflex™

"Like any scientist, theologian, shaman, or artist, I long to unlock the mysteries of consciousness. I lack the resources to pursue private research at my California ranch house, but the possibility for R&D is now within reach of citizen scientists with the Mattel game Mindflex™.  Soon, I will take my first toke on brainwaves." 

Insert Blanc Press is very excited to announce the debut of a new imprint on the press, Rabble, co-edited by Holly Myers and Mathew Timmons. Rabble prints single author issues of critical essays on a subject of the author’s choosing. Rabble seeks to be a venue through which to interrogate the nature of criticism, a laboratory for prodding at the boundaries of criticism as a form. The idea is to begin with a framework that reduces criticism down to its two fundamental components—the thing that's been made and the person who responds to the thing that's been made (i.e., the art work and the critic)—and then to invite a lot of smart people to take up that framework as they see fit. 

ISSN 2168-7439

PARROT 12 Fried Chicken Dinner
by Janice Lee

Now Out from Insert Blanc Press!

“In Soviet Russia Chicken Fries You!”

This is a serious matter, seriously. Serious fried chicken. Mm mm mm! 

The PARROT series was originally issued by Blanc Press (Los Angeles) from 2005-2010. Insert Blanc Press is reissuing facsimile editions of each title from the PARROT series and releasing a Limited Edition hand-bound set of the collection at the end of the run. 

Titles in the PARROT series: Harold Abramowitz’s A House on A Hill (A House on a Hill, Part One), Amanda Ackerman’s I Fell in Love with a Monster Truck, Will Alexander’s On the Substance of Disorder, Brian Ang’s Pre-Symbolic, Stan Apps’ Politicized Pretty Picture, Amina Cain’s Tramps Everywhere, Teresa Carmody’s I Can Feel, Allison Carter’s All Bodies Are The Same and They Have The Same Reactions, Michelle Detorie’s Fur Birds, Kate Durbin’s Kept Women, K. Lorraine Graham’s My Little Neoliberal Pony, Jen Hofer’s The Missing Link, Maximus Kim’sBreak Bloom Burn, Janice Lee’s Fried Chicken Dinner, Joseph Mosconi’s But On Geometric, Vanessa Place’s Forcible Oral Copulation, Amarnath Ravva’s Airline Music, Stephanie Rioux’s My Beautiful Beds, Ara Shirinyan’s Erotic in Czech Republic, Michael Smoler’s Pieces of Water, Brian Kim Stefans’ Viva Miscegenation, Mathew Timmons’ Complex Textual Legitimacy Proclamation, and Allyssa Wolf’s Loquela.

Covers of Parrot were originally designed by the amazing printmaker, Maggie White. You can find out more about her work at Gray Area, methinks you'll like what you see. 

Read some press on the PARROT series, including a review of PARROT 5, a review of PARROT 1 and an interview with editor Mathew Timmons. And check out the various ways Insert Blanc Press offers to become a subscribing member and to support the press. Visit the Subscription page at Insert Press for more details!