The People: Now on iTunes!


The People: Now on iTunes!

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Insert Blanc Press is proud to announce our new show, The People with Editor and Publisher Mathew Timmons and Insert Blanc Artist Ben White, is Now on iTunes!!! The People features the voices and ideas of The People that make up the cultural landscape of Los Angeles, the west coast, and beyond on KCHUNG 1630AM every 3rd Sunday at 3pm. More & more The People simply choose, for whatever reason, Power to The People in the home of People Power on the Internet. A Radio Revolution offering comfort and cueing up Special Stuff. This is The Sound you love to listen to, The Power of The People to make atmospheric, psychedelic, and dance-oriented Conversation. Radio for The People featuring art, literature, talk, cultural criticism, visual culture, intelligent witticisms and so much more! The People is me, The People is you, The People is we, and You Can Too! … like a Broken Record magically repaired. 

Keep up with The People & find out about upcoming shows & guests on The People's blog!

We've done four whole shows so far, 4! and we would really love it if you Subscribe to the iTunes podcast and rate the show (5 stars cause The People are grrreat!) or you can also listen to the shows at The People: The Archive or on SoundCloud, and also you can go to The People's Facebook Page [while you're at it check out the Insert Blanc Facebook page]. It's all very exciting stuff and we've had such great guests as Joseph Mosconi, Jay Erker, Katie Herzog, Andrew Choate, David Shook, Jason Kunke, Boris Dralyuk & Andrew Falkowski!