The People: Andrew Choate & Doug Harvey Ep. 6


The People: Andrew Choate & Doug Harvey Ep. 6
Sunday, August 18 at 3 p.m.
KCHUNG 1630AM Listen Live

Join hosts Ben White and Mathew Timmons Sunday, August 18 at on KCHUNG 1630AM if you’re in or around Chinatown Los Angeles or listen live on the KCHUNG webstream. The People will be taken over this month by Andrew Choate & Doug Harvey: “a battle fer sure.”

Andrew Choate is planning to ask Doug about his Las Vegas novel / multi-media collage from the group show General Projects: A Show for You 

they will talk 

Doug might ask Andrew about his computer pieces or his book or about performance

they will talk

Andrew will play some recordings of his work and others and ask Doug what he thinks about it

Andrew will probably play an audio collage he made about ten years ago that Doug's work reminded him of and maybe another audio collage Andrew made and possibly a performance track

Andrew may also just play some Pablo Cruise and be happy

While Doug’s head may be stuck in Rio, he will play some stuff and ask Andrew about it

Doug will probably play excerpts of recent radio improvisations by Mannlicher Carcano, recordings of Doug’s band with Marnie Weber and Daniel Hawkins (and sometimes Dani Tull) "F" (formerly Fauxmish and formerly F for Ache), selections from Doug’s web label Redacted Records, the LAFMS new Blorp Cassette that Doug contributed to, and maybe some stuff pertaining to the 'patacritical Interrogation Techniques Anthology Vol 3 book, and possibly the Firesign Theatre, who are the subject of Doug Harvey’s soon to-be-completed Rabble pamphlet.

They will talk back and forth…

ta da!




some images from Andrew Choate

Andrew Choate was born and raised in South Carolina and studied music and literature at Northwestern University and the California Institute of the Arts. Hi book, Stingray Clapping, was published by Insert Blanc Press (2012) and his first book, Langquage Makes Plastic of the Body, was published by Palm Press in 2006. He has been publishing his writings on music and art since 1998 and his work has appeared in Urb, Coda, Wire, Signal to Noise,Art Ltd, d’Art International and Facsimile. His radio plays and sound works have been broadcast on WDR in Germany, Radioarte Mobile in Italy, Hipersônica in Brazil, Resonance FM in England and various outlets in the US.

some images from Doug Harvey

Doug Harvey has written extensively about the Los Angeles and International art scenes and other aspects of popular culture, primarily as the art critic for LA WEEKLY, the largest circulation free weekly newspaper in America, and Art issues , the highly respected LA-based journal of art and contemporary culture, which ceased publication in 2002. His writing has also appeared in Art in America, The New York Times, Modern Painter, ArtReview, and numerous other publications.

In addition to Harvey’s art, writing, curating, etc, he has been involved in radio since the early 80s when he hosted a late-night experimental program on Saturday nights in Edmonton, followed by participation in a micro-broadcasting station associated with Plug-In Gallery in Winnipeg, and several other experiments, culminating in the Mannlicher Carcano Radio Hour, a weekly multi-city improvisational audio collage broadcast and webcast, now in its 15th year, currently hosted by CHMR radio in St. John's Newfoundland.