Ep 44 Mark Allen & Zut Lorz: The People


On this episode our guests are Mark Allen and Zut Lorz. Mark Allen is the founder and director of machine project which is a storefront space in Echo Park, Los Angeles. And It’s so much more than that and you should go right now to MachineProject.com and watch the short animation on the home page there about “What is Machine Project.” It will give you a real sense of the space, but we can say that Machine Project is a project space that brings together fine art and performance with maker culture and community engagement and everything else in the universe.

Zut Lorz is an archivist at machine project and has a history in performance work. She is currently working on developing the machine project archive into a comprehensive online history of the space.

Later in the show we begin tapping into the vast machine project archive in a new segment of notes from the people to bring you a recording of Anthony McCann reading the first few poems from his recent book, Thing Music on Wave Books.

And we close out this episode with a track called Wash, by ING one of the many musical acts that have been regulars at machine over the years. ING is Max Markowitz and John Wood and the piece you'll hear is from an immersive underwater sound installation they did in 2013 as part of Machine Project’s Field Guide to LA Architecture. You can find out more about ING at INGisMaxandJohn.com
and the name of the song is Wash