Ep 66: Astri Swendsrud & Quinn Gomez-Heitzeberg: The People


On this episode we talk with our guests Quinn Gomez-Heitzeberg and Astri Swendsrud about the history of the Spiritual movement in LA, the known and the unknown, and the return of the spiritual in contemporary art.

Astri Swendsrud is an artist who lives and works in Los Angeles and she is one half of The Semi-Tropic Spiritualists.

Quinn Gomez-Heitzeberg is the other half of Semi-Tropic Spiritualists. He is an artist who lives and works in Los Angeles.

The Semi-Tropic Spiritualists have exhibited their installations and performance works at Richard Telles Fine Art, Klowden Mann, and The Vincent Price Museum in Los Angeles; Shangri-La in Joshua Tree, CA; and at Llano del Rio, CA among other locations. Their work is currently up at General Projects and will also be part of the upcoming exhibition Totenpass at Visitor Welcome Center, Los Angeles, in October 2018.

The Semi-Tropic Spiritualists exhibition what can The Semi-Tropic Spiritualists Do For You? Is currently up at General Projects and Outside Gallery thru November 4th, 2018. General Projects is a division of Insert Blanc Press which is also the sponsor of this show, The People. You can see Quinn and Astri’s show at General Projects during Open Hours on Thursday nights from 7-9pm in Lincoln Heights, find out more info at Insert Blanc Press dot net.

Our interstitial music, as always, is Ocfif by Lewis Keller.

And we go out with an excerpt from Audrey Chen’s recent performance at The Unwrinkled Ear Concert Series curated by Andrew Choate and hosted by Black Editions …