Ep 69: Paul Pescador & Maura Brewer: The People

Artists Paul Pescador and Maura Brewer talk about their work as filmmakers and video artists and their relationship to the industry in Hollywood, as well as their collaborative work, essayistic films, bad films, trash palaces, performance and narrative.

Paul Pescador works primarily in photography, performance and filmmaking along with a little bit of writing here and there. He just finished a film for the Main Museum about the history of Los Angeles and he recently finished a film for Glendale, CA gallery The Pit, the film is titled The PYT (Pretty Young Thing) and it is a remake of the 1981 horror film on which the gallery’s name is based.

Maura Brewer is a video artist who also works in performance and experimental fashion. She is a co-founder of a collaborative called the Rational Dress Society that produces and un-gendered mono-garment for everyday wear called Jumpsuit. She also makes essayistic videos, and she recently had a video up at Queens in Los Angeles about Paul Manafort’s daughter Jessica Manafort and money laundering.

Our interstitial music, as always, is Ocfif by Lewis Keller.
And we go out with a song from Providence super-group Landed founded in 1997 by Shawn Greenlee, Joel Kyack and Dan St. Jacques. And the name of the track is Osama Oxycontin