Ep 77: Paul Outlaw And Micaela Tobin: The People


Paul Outlaw and Micaela Tobin talk modified screaming, lost voices, sound design, Kafka, German, voice, voice healing, singing, opera, breathing, freedom of the breath, tone, acting, Filipino vocalists, performance, noise, collaboration, writing discipline, REDCAT, NOW Festival, Sara Lyons, Johnathon Snipes, Crystalline Morphologies, Gaby Strong, White Boy Scream ... and so much more!

Paul Outlaw is a Los Angeles-based experimental theater artist and vocalist whose award-winning solo projects have been presented across the United States and in Europe. His recent show BBC Big Black Cockroach was at REDCAT’s New Original Works festival here in Los Angeles this past month… It was directed by Sara Lyons also a past guest from episode 72 of The People.

Micaela Tobin is a soprano, sound artist, and teacher based in Los Angeles who specializes in experimental voice and contemporary opera, composing under the moniker "White Boy Scream."

Also Paul is in a show by Asher Hartman and Gawdawfful National Theater Company, The Dope Elf, coming up in September at Yale Union, in Portand, OR, and then at The Lab in San Francisco, CA, in Spring 2020. You might remember we did a fundraiser at General Projects for the show this past June - so of course we love the show and you should definitely check it out if you can.

Our interstitial music as always is Ocfif by Lewis Keller.
And we go out with a track off of Micaela Tobin’s newest album Remains under the moniker White Boy Scream released by Crystalline Morphologies ... and the name of the track is Thou.