Ep 79 Lauren McElroy and Emily Lacy The People


Our Guests Lauren McElroy and Emily Lacy talk painting, sign/mural painting, electric paint, Ladies Who Paint, psychic support, quilting, antiquing childhoods, audio culture, crisp lines, improvisation without fear, the psychology of advertising, and so much more ...

Lauren McElroy is an artist and commercial sign painter and muralist. She recently participated in the first all female mural festival, Ladies Who Paint, so you can check out her work at 14th and F if you find yourself in San Diego. Check out her professional work at LStar Murals on instagram and online at LStar murals dot com. She also has a solo exhibiton called, Now More You, up right now thru October 27th at Elephant Art Space in Cypress Park.

Emily Lacy is a folk artist, electronic sound artist and filmmaker who lives and works in Los Angeles.

Our interstitial music as always is Ocfif by Lewis Keller.
And we go out with a tune from Emily Lacy, a first ever live in studio music performance on The People, from her new band project Gemstone Forest, and the name of the song is Waiting ...